24 June 2016

Adambeauty: Japanese SPF Haul

I never imagined Tokyo could be such a beauty heaven when we first decided to go there for our 10th wedding anniversary. I wasn't even a beauty blogger back then but I think I was born with a love for skincare. I remember being 8 years old and using a cheap hand cream on my face as a moisturizer. In my teens I was addicted to ordering from Yves Rocher, that was way before the age of the internet and I had to place my order by post. 

Many years later, thanks to YouTube, I finally developed a taste for make up and started using it on a daily basis. That meant getting up earlier and that was a huge commitment for me. I'm such a bed person, even now I'm writing this post from the comfort of my adjustable bed and thinking of the nap I'm going to take once I hit the publish button.

Wearing a non-greasy SPF underneath my make up all year round is 110% needed when you live in Spanish-California aka Alicante Region. But being an oily gal as I am you have to be careful of what product you use as your make up could end up melting off in no time. 

I've tried many, many, many European SPF brands and none have worked out for me. My travel to Tokyo changed all that and I'm happy to share this with y'all. As I was so obsessed with finding the right sunscreen for my face I purchased a few different brands to try out. One of them was in loose powder format, very convenient for touch ups without disrupting your make up.

The only downside is that Japanese SPF are reformulated and repackaged every year so if you fall in love with one particular formula you may be unable to get it the following year. Ratzilla has an awesome blog in which she puts everything to the test and publishes the results with her best SPF formulas as soon as the new products come out. 
This year, I chose the 2 most affordable options, although I went for the Sunkiller perfect water essence instead of the perfect strong moisture that she featured in that post. I went for this version because it's alcohol free and, while my skin's not sensitive to alcohol I wanted to try this out to recommend to other people who like to stay far away from this ingredient. 
I'm not sure why I included a picture of the ingredients on the back because I'm not able to read them and I don't suppose any of my few readers can either but, whatevs.
The products came by ordinary post inside an envelope and wrapped up in bubble wrap. It took less than 2 weeks to be delivered from the other side of the world and the shipping is their best feature: only 2$ (U.S.). Of course you don't get tracking but I've ordered from them a few times in the past and I've never encountered any trouble.
I paid a total of 28.50$ including shipping. The Isehan Sunkiller is 50gr and a bit thicker in consistency although it blends out like a gel and the Bior√© UV is 90ml and has a very runny consistency. They both have a citric smell to them and they dry on the skin almost immediately leaving it silky soft.

The only reason I haven't shopped at Adambeauty more often is that they only had PayPal available as a payment method. I've had many problems with PayPal in the past and was reluctant to take the chance of getting my payment details hacked again but I found out that you can actually pay by card without signing in to PayPal, yay!

What's your favourite SPF? Does it work well under make up?


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