9 June 2016

Shoes: Out with the Old, In with the New

After reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo, last summer, I immediately went to work and selected all the useless stuff I had been gathering around for the past 10 years. Out went the paper books, I've been reading on my electronic book for years. Out went the old clothes that were collecting dust in my walk-in closet waiting for a chance to be worn. In a nutshell: everything that didn't sparkle joy.

According to the writer, the most difficult thing to get rid of are usually sentimental items such as photos. Well, I didn't have a problem with those, out they all went. I've never been much attached to the past and have never been interested in keeping or even making photos anyway. But I stumbled on my Achilles' heel: shoes.

Luckily, I was in the right state of mind when I tackled the shoes category. Reading the book twice cover to back before starting to declutter had helped me to focus on the matter at hand and not let myself stray from my path. I can't even remember how many pairs where shipped away but it must have been at least 12.

In order to maintain my home clutter-free I've stumbled upon a few items that no longer sparkle joy:
My dark brown UGG boots. I never much liked this color but I'd bought them on a whim and they were the only ones available in my size at the store. My left boot felt kind of funny from the start, as if the fabric was thinner than usual. As you can see from the picture it has a hole in the front, so out they go.
This pair was a wedding gift from a dear friend of mine who owns a shoe factory. I've been wearing them for ages (almost 13 years, now). They are looking pretty beaten up but they were so comfy and stylish that I couldn't bring myself to dispose of them.
And lastly, I haven't worn these much because the heel on the left shoe is slightly askew. I don't dress in black often so I don't have much use for black shoes anyway. I only kept them until I found a new pair.
At Zara I found these simple flat sandals. I'd been looking to find something like this since last summer. I've been into sandals with embellishments for a few years now and I've since moved on, but apparently the shoe industry hasn't and all I could find were sandals with lots and lots of embedded stones and such.
These are from Zara as well, and also pretty simple as you can see. The gold hardware is kept to a minimum but helps in not making them look too boring.
At first I chose a black pair from Zara but when I tried them on they weren't very comfortable to walk in or even to put on so I returned them. These black sandals with fringe are from H&M and I haven't worn them yet but they felt pretty comfortable when I tried them on.
My old brown Havaianas gave up on me at the beginning of the summer, last year. I 'd been trying to replace them but I hadn't found any design that I really liked until I stumbled upon the Kitty Havaianas by Charlotte Olympia. Unfortunately they were sold out everywhere when I decided to order them so I had to settle for these leopard printed ones. 

What is your favourite accessory?

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