18 July 2016


I'm not being clever with the title for this post although I certainly thought so at first. Google proved me wrong and gave back a few results including a whole Italian vintage festival held in 2015. 

The hubby had always commented on how he would love to have a traditional wicker picnic basket to take me out for lunch or dinner. We have it really easy as we live by the sea and the countryside is very nearby. I was trying to find a fitting gift for his birthday this year and somehow the picnic basket popped up into my head. After some online research I decided on this model that I ordered from Les Jardins de la Comtesse.
Last Friday we went to the beach carrying our picnic basket, some chairs and an oil lamp. It had gotten very late and there barely was any light left so I decided to take a picture both with and without flash. Both are awful quality but it's the best I could accomplish.
The basket comes with ceramic plates, wine glasses, cloth napkins and cutlery for 4 people, salt and pepper shakers and a bottle opener. The inside is fully lined with a cotton plaid material. The right side features an insulated bag that can keep your food fresh and cool. There's still space left on the other side after filling it with the plates and glasses so you could carry more food. In the middle there are two slots where you can fit two bottles, we carried a bottle of wine in one slot and some water and a baguette in the other.
The wine glasses that came with the basket were so tiny that I decided to take these ones instead. In the north of Spain it's very common to use these kind of glasses to drink beer or wine from. They are commonly know as "txiquitos" or "chatos". The first name means tiny but they can actually hold quite a lot. They are easy to stack up for transport, they don't take up too much space and are pretty sturdy.
For food we kept it quite simple: a few cheese varieties, a tomato and cucumber salad and some mouthwatering Iberian ham.

We've decided to have a weekly chicnic on Friday night as long as the weather allows so I can hardly wait for the weekend to come.


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