25 July 2016

Out of Order #6 + Coupon Codes

Pokémon Go
It's official, I've become one of the million freaks that are walking around trying to catch as many Pokémon as possible without being run over by a lorry or bump into a tree. I've only been able to collect 36 Pokémon so far because the app isn't working properly on my brand new iPhone 5s. 

I downloaded the game when I was still using my old iPhone 4s and it drove me crazy as it took ages to load up and would close the app by itself after a few minutes when left unused. Luckily, the hubby gifted me the iPhone 5s as an early birthday present, love you hon!

Unfortunately, the game still doesn't work properly as it freezes when capturing Pokémon. When I start the game up again the supposedly captured creature doesn't appear on my list, it's very frustrating. It also decides to freeze entirely by itself sometimes or it doesn't load up properly.
As I don't have anything new to share with y'all in the beauty department, I'm leaving you some discount codes that were sent to me with my most recent purchases. 

Naked Wines: 60£off a case of wine priced 99.99£or more (UK residents only).
Code: PBK66
Password: ASP32XYN

Natural Blender: 10£off your 1st superfood smoothie kit (UK mainland only).
Codes: PBKN615 + CNSNB615

Simply Cook: 1£trial offer on your 1st box of restaurant quality meals (UK only).
Code: chef70

Brewhive: 24 beer bottles for only 19£(UK only).
Code: PK25B

Graze: Free snack box (UK only).
Codes: 123H4W456H4W + 456TGN + 123TGN

Vision Direct: 10% off your first order of contact lenses (delivery options).
Code: LOOK

The White Company: extra 10% off sale prices (UK mainland only).
Codes: AM583 + AM439 (until 23rd August 2016).

Happy hunting for those of you who are playing Pokémon Go!

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