7 July 2016

Trind Nail Revive Natural

My nails have been extremely brittle for the longest time. Not that unusual to me but this time I haven't been able to grow my nails since last November. I'm wearing them super short and every Sunday, when I'm supposed to care for them, I find that I either need trim them or file all the growth off as some of them have started to split.

From YouTuber, Pinky Polish I heard about this Dutch brand that specializes in nail care and she said that their products worked wonders: Trind Cosmetics.
Trind Nail Revive Natural
When my dear friend Myrthe told me she was coming to Spain I jumped at the chance and texted her to bring me a bottle. She got this from Etos, I think for 14€ a bit up there in price so I had high hopes for this product.

The instructions read as follow:

For beautiful strong nails apply daily for at least four weeks directly to the nails. Before re-applying remove the former coat with the TRIND Nail Polish Remover.

You can now continue to use Trind Nail Revive as often as you like but apply at least one coat weekly to keep the nails strong. Shake well before use. After use, clean off the rim of the bottle.

Tomorrow it will be 4 weeks and I've only failed one day in re-applying the polish (I was too tired yesterday and I couldn't be bothered).

My nails are as brittle as when I started this treatment so I would say this hasn't worked out for me. I have to confess that I've used a regular nail polish remover but I don't think it would have made a huge difference to use the one from the brand.

What I have noticed, though, is that my nails are in much better condition whenever I'm taking supplements, like collagen or biotin tablets. I suppose it's time to start taking those again.

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