31 August 2016

August Yays & Nays

I've really been enjoying the extra free time from not blogging regularly but empties posts are one of my fave to read and watch on YouTube and I've always enjoyed talking about the products that I've loved or not so much.
First, the Nays or Meh! products:

Macadamia Weightless Moisture shampoo

It says it's supposed to give texture to baby fine hair (such as mine) and lift, bodily and volumize it. Well, I can't truly say it doesn't exactly do that, the downside is that it makes my hair greasy a lot faster and that's definitely not what I'm going for as I already have very oily hair as it is.

Yves Rocher Protectyl Végétal after sun lotion

Although I loved it last summer my skin's not as dry as it was back then so I haven't enjoyed the texture as much as I used to.

Alterna Bamboo Color Hold hair conditioner

I enjoyed the shampoo from this range but the conditioner would leave my hair feeling very coarse and frizzy so I ended up using it as a shaving cream.

Refan deodorant

I 'd never heard of this brand before. It doesn't contain aluminum and it has a nice manly scent which I enjoyed very much. It's the first non aluminum deodorant that I've been able to use consistently without falling back to the anti-perspirant ones. It worked great in the winter time but during the warmer months I had to switch to another brand that didn't make me sweat as much as this one did. 
As for my Yays, most of them are my ride or die products:

The Body Shop Grapefruit shower gel

I've been switching between this scent and the Satsuma for a while now and I've never looked back. I also enjoy the Orangeasm by Soap & Glory but it's harder to get here in Spain.

Garnier PureActive Fruit Energy gel cleanser

This is my third? bottle already, it's very affordable and does a great job of removing leftover make up. I love using citrus scented products when I'm showering in the morning, they really help in waking me up.

Garnier Delial Golden Protect SPF 30

I've been in love with this formula for as long as I've been blogging but sadly it's time to say goodbye as it has been discontinued, whyyyyy???

EX1 Invisiwear liquid foundation

I've been switching foundations looking for the best formula and when I recently went back to this one, I fell in love. It's weird as I didn't enjoy it that much the first time around but compared to the L'Óreal Infallible Pro Mat or the Forever by Dior it lasts a lot longer and looks more flawless on my super oily skin.

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