9 August 2016

Pokémon Go is taking over my life

I was in my late twenties when the Pokémon TV series were aired. Although most friends my age wouldn't dream of watching anime or cartoons unless their own kids made them watch, I've always enjoyed them. I remember being in Uni and setting my alarm to 8:00 on Sundays just to watch X-Men and go back to sleep afterwards.

When Pokémon Go was released I was thrilled. I've never played any Pokémon game before because I was born a generation too late but hey, I'm catching up!

This is a short post to tell y'all how this game has affected my life so far:
These are my strongest Pokémon so far. They're not exciting by any means but I'm waiting to pass level 20 and catch some higher value friends so they can evolve into powerful buddies.
I have a PokéStop just in front of my apartment and I can load up on PokéBalls from the bedroom if the GPS is feeling generous. Last Sunday, the hubby and I went down to the beach and I actually picked a spot within range of the PokéStop so I could fill up my bag every 5 minutes. I even used the countdown option from my phone so it would ring every 6 minutes (for good measure).
I didn't enter any gyms until late in the game as I was still finding out how things worked and how I was supposed to combat much higher CP Pokémons. I've recently found a gym near my office that I can take down every day during my coffee break. So far I've only been 6 times, that's 60 gold coins that I will exchange for an incubator once I've saved up enough of them.
Later today I'm going to head out with the hubby and try out the improved sightings feature that is supposed to be working now. My goal is to catch a few more MagiKarps in order to evolve one into a mighty Gyarados, only 50 left to go... wish me luck!

My favourite Pokémon from the TV series besides Pikachu was Charizard. He'd crack me up when he refused to fight, that's so like me, disobedient and lazy.

I also liked Vulpix and Eevie because they're sooo cute and fluffy. I've managed to capture a few Eevies but not enough yet to make a Vaporeon although I like Flareon better, but he's not near as good as his water counterpart in combat.

What about you? Are you playing Pokémon Go? What level are you at?